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My Little Muppets

By: Joe

As I sat in the front room today watching the kids, I realized how far they have come. They are no longer the tiny little beings that just laid on the floor flapping their arms and legs. They have officially become toddlers! They committed their first crime yesterday (stealing donuts off the corner cabinet and eating them). They have now began to make decisions based on want instead of just need. It has been a very difficult 16 months, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love my little muppets. (older entries...)

About This Site

My name is Joe Malinowski (also known as DeGoat11). Since late in 2009, my wife and I have been living with infertility. After three unsuccessfull IUI attempts, we decided to make the move to IVF instead. We both went into it feeling pretty skeptical due to the emotional state the IUIs left us in. After our two week wait finally ended, we got our very first BFP (big fat positive). A couple of weeks later, we were happy to find out that two embryos had attached and we would be having twins!